Ongoing Advice Fees

Ongoing Financial Advice and Investment Management Service

Our ‘Ongoing Financial Advice and Investment Management’ Service includes:


Regular financial review meetings (the frequency of which will be confirmed to you at outset) to assess:


  • Your needs and objectives

  • Changes in your personal and business circumstances

  • Your attitude to risk and capacity for loss

  • Impact of tax and legislative changes, including available annual tax reliefs and allowances

  • Your Will and personal estate

  • Review of the suitability of your investments

  • Review of the underlying investment funds within your portfolio. This will ensure the funds are aligned to our recommended model portfolio, for your preferred risk profile

  • Provision of a personal recommendation   


In addition you will also have access to:


  • A professional investment management service, with access to leading fund managers from across the whole of market

  • In-depth whole of market product and investment fund research

  • Ongoing monitoring and due diligence (including well-respected independent third party due diligence) of selected funds, fund managers and investment portfolios 

  • On-going access to a qualified Chartered Financial Adviser to assist you with any queries or guidance needed/advice at your request

  • Liaison, at your request, with any other professional adviser (e.g. your solicitor or accountant)

  • Ongoing administrative support, including policy administration and liaising with providers 

  • Regular portfolio valuations (6 times per annum); Budget and economic updates (economic updates are published monthly) and topical newsletters (quarterly)

  • Lifetime Cashflow Modelling Analysis (separate charges may apply)

  • 24/7 access to your investment and/or pension portfolios, including up-to-date online valuations (via the relevant provider websites)

  • Personalised 24/7 access to your own, fully secure, online ‘Personal Finance Portal’ via the Sweeny Wealth Management website. This facility also includes a secure messaging facility, electronic document storage facilities, portfolio valuations (which are updated daily), investment analytics data and provides access to the Open Banking Service

Find out more information about our Personal Finance Portal.


The cost of this service is based on the value of your investment(s) held with us and is charged at 0.9% of their value per annum. These fees are payable monthly at a rate of 1/12th of 0.9% per month. The minimum charge for this service is £600 per annum and the maximum charge is £6,000 per annum.


The examples below are to help you understand how our charges will be applied;


Example 1; if your investments are valued at £50,000 the 0.9% charge would be £450 per annum. As this is less than our minimum annual fee for this service we would charge an additional £50.00 as the balance. The total fee payable would be £500.


Example 2; if your investments are valued at £200,000 the 0.9% charge would be £1,800 and would be the total fee payable for that year.


Example 3; if your investments are valued at £1,000,000 the 0.9% charge would be £9,000. As this exceeds our charge cap we would reduce the fee in line with our maximum charge so the total payable would be £6,000 per annum.


Where the value of your investments rises, then the fees for this service will increase, conversely, if the value of your investments falls, the cost of this service will decrease. This is subject to the maximum charge stated above.


You can choose to pay this fee directly or by deduction from the policy(ies) you hold. Should you wish to pay directly you can spread the payment over a 12-month period by standing order.


When you sign this ongoing service agreement it is deemed to commence immediately and payable monthly in arrears. You can choose to cancel this at any time by providing us with written confirmation of your decision. Payments would then cease within 7 business days or after collection of any due proportion of any period charges if later.